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Click On Starter, student's book + Workbook / Підручник + Зошит англійської мови

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Click On Starter, student's book + Workbook / Підручник + Зошит англійської мови
Click On Starter, student's book + Workbook / Підручник + Зошит англійської мовиНа складі
+380 (66) 276-50-89


Англійська мова | Click On | student's Book+Workbook. Підручник+Зошит, Starter | Exspress Publishing
Click On is a five-level course consisting of five modules each for learners of English from complete beginner to intermediate level. In full colour, the course combines active English language learning with a variety of живий topics presented in тематичний units. Its well-organised syllabus promotes the gradual development of all four language skills needed by learners to communicate effectively in English. The cross-cultural approach of the course stimulates learners'interest, focusing on topics carefully chosen to motivate.
Key Features

Five modules of two units each, per level (Click On Starter has got three modules)
Realistic, stimulating dialogues featuring people in everyday situations
Development of vocabulary skills through interactive tasks
Exploring grammar tasks with thorough grammar practice of structures
Clear presentation and thorough practice of the target language
A wide variety of listening tasks
Writing sections containing models and project work
A wide range of stimulating and interesting texts
Pronunciation sections, songs and games
Regular revision units
A story in episodes giving learners the chance to have fun while learning
Fully dramatised audio CDs
Fully animated DVDs
special section on British and American culture
Each level of Click On is accompanіed by a DVD presenting the lives and experiences of people in the UK. A DVD Activity Book supports each DVD


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